The Fear & Money Connection

I have long thought that there was a connection between fear (any fear) and money. Or should I say, our ability to manifest money. This is one of the reasons why I invested in and completed Neurogym’s Winning the Game of Fear programme.

But other than completing the programme, I have never really delved into the connection between our fears and the ability to manifest money. But, I recently watched a masterclass called “Make Your Way To Millions” that was hosted by Vishen Lakhiani with his guest Rock Thomas.

It may be that I have been hiding under a rock (excuse the pun) but I had never heard of Rock Thomas before but as always, Mind Valley only ever hosts pretty exceptional people. And, this masterclass was no different. 

One of the things that jumped out at me was one of Rock’s first comments, “Fear is the biggest obstacle to making your way to millions.”

When you really think about it, this all makes a lot of sense. One of the foundations of manifesting abundance is to not dwell in the past or fester on the ‘reality’ of what is not working in our lives. The focus should always be on the feeling of having already attained what it is that we want to manifest.

Doing More Of What We Love to Get More Of What We Want

For a long time now, I have been a firm believer that what we see in our 3-D world is not real. I’m not the pioneer of this type of thinking by any means but I do believe this at a soul level. 

At any given time, we can CHOOSE our path. We can CHOOSE how we react to situations and we can CHOOSE what we want to create. But, it takes time and effort to be continually present. Observing our positive and negative thoughts in a non-judgemental way  to change the patterns that we have picked up along the way or been taught. 

What I have found is that when we do more of what we love, we get a whole lot more of what we want. This is where choice comes in. 

To manifest the life of our dreams, we have to sustain 100% focus on what it is we want to achieve. How to go about doing that is an individual’s choice and it will be different for everyone but I firmly believe that the first step to changing your life is to do more of the things you enjoy and less of the mundane/unnecessary crap. Again, this often comes down to letting go of our fears and deeply rooted beliefs that keep us stuck in an ordinary life. The 9-5’s.

Fear that we will be judged if we do it differently to other people. Fear that we won’t have enough money to support our families because we are spending more time skipping than sitting in traffic jambs to get to our J.O.B. Or the fear of failure.

Open Minds Thrive

Fear and all of the associated negative impacts that come along with it, close our minds to new and greater possibilities. If I was a conspiracy theorist (which I am not), one would say that fear was created to control the masses. Keep them down. What I say is, fear is simply our flight or fight mechanism in modern day overdrive. We still need it (for life threatening situations) but it shouldn’t be our constant companion.

We are living in a new age. Not the new age of “War of the Worlds” but an ever expanding global consciousness that is manifesting new and MUCH better ways of thinking. But, and this is a big but – we have to be open to and embrace the new ideas/ways of thinking that are evolving daily. 

Self development is not only important, it is necessary if we want to thrive and survive in this new reality.

This leads me to another one of my core beliefs.

Money is JUST Energy

Who didn’t love the movie Wall Street? Revelling in all of greed, corporate war strategies, fast pace and glamour. It was a fantastic story line but looking back, that movie really made money REAL. It made you feel envious of the lifestyle and hunger for that super rich lifestyle. Well, I certainly did.

My favourite TV shows growing up was Falcon Crest (yes, showing my age) and Hart to Hart because of all of the fabulous clothes they wore, the cars they drove and the opulent lifestyle they lead. Not any more.

Now that I don’t focus on the ‘real’ I find that I want less and less ‘stuff’. My focus now is on living the best life that I can live. Reminding myself daily that it’s the journey that counts not the getting. 

In my view, money is JUST energy. Having this as a core understanding (not just at an academic level) is key to mastering the art of manifesting more of everything in our lives. We need to take our Gordon Gecko like focus off accumulating more bits of paper and focus on being happy. Everything else will come.

As Jon Butcher puts it:


Jon Butcher from Lifebook Quest – Mindvalley

To finish off with a quote from Rock Thomas, “Don’t feed your doubts. Feed your beliefs.”

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