The 8 Things You Need To Know To Be A Successful Affliate Marketer

8 things you need to know to get started as an affiliate marketer.

Starting an Affiliate Marketing business has probably never been easier than it is today because of all of the tools that are online and the successful online marketers that have made a business out of teaching others how to do the same. Now there is a known system that just needs to be learnt and applied.

But, it does still take time and effort. Before starting, these

1. Check Yourself!

Before starting your Affiliate Marketing journey, check in with yourself. Make sure you know what it is you really want to achieve. To be successful in any business you need to know your WHY. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What motivates you to get up in the morning?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What can you contribute to the world through your Affiliate Marketing products? Providing value.
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Do you have the commitment?
  • Are you prepared to learn new things?
  • Will you take inspired action?

Write it all down. You will need to refer back to these answers when you hit a road block. Sometimes maintaining a positive, powerful, can do mindset is really difficult. But, it is probably the singular most important thing when starting and building an online business.

2. Know Your Products

Not knowing your product is a huge mistake. You have to know what you are selling. If you don’t, why would anyone buy from you?

Personally, i would never endorse or even think of selling an affiliate product without trying it first. This is (in my view) the ethical way to go. Also, it will give you the personal touch and gives you authority when promoting the product. It will help your customers get to know you a bit better and trust that what you say is true.

You have to make sure you are in a position to answer any questions that your clients have about the product. Not experiencing it for yourself is the road to exposure. You wouldn’t run out the door without your clothes (well some may), so don’t sell a product before you have experienced it.

3. Know What It Takes To Sell It

Fully researching and knowing your niche is priceless! You need to know what problems your customers need solved in order to provide value to them. Know all of your products features and benefits. It’s all about them. Service, service, service.

The more you know about your product, the more you will sell.

Some fundamental things to know about your niche are:

  • Age, Income, Education, Family Status, Relationship Status (if you’re selling a dating or relationship type products), Hair Colour, Eye Colour, Geographical location, Likes, Dislikes. You get the point. The list is endless but try to know as much about your customer as you can before trying to sell something to them.
  • What MOTIVATES them? Why should they buy from you?

5. Get Noticed

Most of us are taught to dim our lights. Don’t stand out. Don’t get noticed. Don’t cause a fuss.

That’s not okay when you are on the affiliate marketing path. You need your business to stand out. You need to get noticed. Be unique. That doesn’t require re-inventing a new product or niche, it just means that you need to differentiate yourself from your competition somehow.

Tell your customers why it’s better to buy from you.

You are:

      • Faster
      • Smarter
      • Cheaper
      • A better problem solver
      • More Understanding
    • More Trustworthy

Whatever it is, make sure you scream it from the rooftops. Blog comments, Twitter, Facebook, your own blog, Stumbleupon and paid ads. The main aim is to get traffic.

6.  Be Believable – Tell Your Customers About Yourself

In email marketing, telling stories about yourself is one of the most successful strategies to earn the trust of your customers. Involve your customers in your life so that they get to know you and trust what you have to say. Writing soul-less content is probably the best way to fail at affiliate marketing. Make it personal and stand out from the crowd.

7. Resources, Resources, Resources

Have a Plan

I am working through John Assaraf’s Having It All Programme and one of the points he makes is that one hour of planning will save you 8 hours of waffling. John says it much more eloquently but you get the message. There are some excellent templates online around that can help you stay on track daily, weekly and monthly,

Make a plan

Once a week, take some time to plan your actions for that week and then review your actions and plan monthly. It’s a great opportunity to pat yourself on the back for everything that you have achieved or a kick in the pants to do more.

Use All of the Tools At Your Disposal

Know your strengths and Weaknesses. Outsource the tasks that you don’t feel confident doing or are low profit. Delegate where you can and maximise your strengths, your uniqueness.

8. Take Action

Job done. Learn something. Join a community of Learning like Wealthy Affiliate. Get all the support you need and learn how to launch your business and fast tract to financial and personal freedom.

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