Not Making Money Online? The Sooner You Know The Better.

If you have ever done a search of how to make money online, you will know that there is so much crap out there. Promising the earth but never really giving you the actual tools to get there. The step by step guide to helping you actually have a functional, successful and profitable online business. I know this because I have done it. Any sales page that tells you that they have the 5 secret ingredients (or whatever the ‘killer’ headline is)  to get you online and making millions in seconds is lying. There’s no sugar coating that. Making money online takes work, dedication and commitment!

I have made so many mistakes in this making money online business that I thought it would be good to share a few of them here:

1.  Free ‘Stuff’

Tip 1 – As I have already kind of highlighted, you are never going to get the secret sauce from Free PDF’s, webinars, online courses or any other type of download. This even includes Wealthy Affiliate. I belonged to Wealthy Affiliate for years before it worked for me. But, that was not because of the platform. It was simply down to overwhelm. But, this was down to me – not the platform. I lacked focus.

Make sure you see these as a lure to a clever sales page or another product that is likely to just distract you from your mission of developing a successful online business. My hard drive is full of them and most of the documents I have downloaded, I have never looked at. Or, I have and they have taken my mind off the game, made me feel overwhelmed and led to paralysis analysis. Sometimes these webinars etc yield some very helpful information but my advice is just be choosy. These are often time consuming and can certainly overwhelm.

Don’t get caught up in this.

I now try to stick to the 20, 20, 20 rule for my morning. That is:

  • 20 minutes for personal development
  • 20 minutes for online learning – through a structured programme will all the moving parts
  • 20 minutes exercise

Any other time that you have (I you work all full time like me) then use it to develop your online business.

Watch out for FREE!

Tip 2 – When you are starting out on your research, be strong! Don’t buy anything. Only join free sites (that will help you in the long run) and press the ‘x’ at the right of the screen when you temporarily get sucked into a sales funnel/sales page.

Tip 3 – If you do feel the need to sign up to anything in the early stages, have multiple email addresses so that you don’t get overwhelmed on your main email. Check secondary email accounts once a week and clear out the sales junk. Then get back to your main purpose.

2.  Think Service. Not: When’s payday

Everyone who first starts out in this business is indoctrinated to believe that an online business is all about the profit. It isn’t. I totally brought into that mindset that if you do this & that, profits will just flow in. I have to admit to feeling a bit stupid now but there are some very clever marketers out there that could convince Britney Spears that she was really Donald Trump!

Years of personal development have taught me that it is not all about the money. My sole focus now is to help as many people as possible first and understand that making money online is all about enjoying the journey rather than racing to payday.

3.  Making Money Online Needs a Plan

No one goes into a bricks and mortar business without a plan and an work from home business should be no different. Going into a making money online venture without a plan will find you signing up to all those newsletter, PDF’s, webinars and online courses I have already talked about.

Start with your overall goal and map out the steps to get there. Small, measureable steps that you can put a line through on your ‘To Do’ list. A plan should be tailored to you but could go something like this:

  1. If you have the funds, find an online course that will take you through the process to set up an online business from start up to profit. Commit to that.
  2. Set a research deadline for your niche and only deviate when you find out (if you do) that the niche isn’t viable.
  3. Find your niche. Don’t spend forever on this but make sure that it is a niche that is going to be profitable in the long run and one that you actually like.
  4. Get a blog. 
  5. Build content.
  6. Research traffic ideas/methods

4.  Take inspired action. Daily.

If you are working full time, it is very easy to lose motivation but take it from me. If you even do just a little bit each day, you will see your dream of a profitable online business getting closer and that is exciting. It motivates you to do a little bit more then next day and so on.

I have an actual pad that sits on my desk. For me, I find it easier to have sitting there so that I can write points in it as I think of them and it is very rewarding to tick things off that. It doesn’t feel the same on my smart phone. I spend enough time looking at screens as it is.

Jessica Dimas has a very useful ‘manual’ to help keep you on tract called “The Successful Blogger’s Ultimate Tool Kit”.

5.  Follow your passion.

There isn’t much more that I can say on this one. If you don’t know your passion, dig it up. There are plenty of tools online to guide you to find your passion but for me, I think this is one of the most important things (next to service) that needs focus. Ultimately, I believe it is more difficult to be successful at making money online if you just pursue say the high paying affiliate products just because they are high paying.

Follow your passion

In my view, you will just end up replacing a J.O.B for a J.O.B at home. Sweating the long hours simply to be the heavy handed marketer that is just in it for the profit.


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