My Wealthy Affiliate Journey

Wealthy Affiliate Phase 2 Has Lift Off!

I have decided to track my progress and wins at Wealthy Affiliate. As a relative newbie to Internet and Affiliate Marketing, I think that this may one day help someone else to get through it. After all of these years, I now see that the biggest obstacle to making the internet work for anyone is the consistent effort required. The Law of Attraction is an excellent tool to assist with manifesting all the good thing in life, but it is ludicrous to think that everything will just land in your lap whilst sitting on the couch dreaming big. Since I have actually been applying myself to the Wealthy

Affiliate Bootcamp, I can see real progress. Finally!

It has to be fun

An attitude adjustment has been required! Plus a whole lot of sucking up to my lovely partner to do the jobs I would normally be doing. Learning has to be fun and that is definitely something that I have remained focussed on. For the first time on this journey, I have remembered. I’m not doing this to replace my job. I am doing this to have a lifestyle change, fire my boss (who happens to be lovely – but he is still a boss), be a forerunner and teach my daughters and have a very profitable work from home business. It’s really important not to get lost in the money hunt – no matter what your financial position is. Focus on the process not the outcome.

It’s Definitely NOT Tiddly Winks!

Maybe Tiddly Winks isn’t an internationally known game so I’ll elaborate. It’s a very simplistic game you play with other involving round plastic objects when you are about two maybe three. The point is that it’s easy, harmless and risk free. Learning about Internet and Affiliate Marketing is definitely not easy. I suppose that if it were, everyone would be doing it. But, what I am trying to (badly) say is that it takes hard work, time and effort. Hard work because I still have the day J-O-B (Just Over Broke) and any work on my website needs to be done after work or on the weekends when my old self would be relaxing or inventing things to keep me from doing what I know I should be doing. It means time away from my family and Netflix! But, my view is that all of this work at the front end will mean more time to play at the successful end.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp

For a technically inept and lazy person, the Bootcamp is fantastic for me. It is easy to follow and has actionable steps at the end of each lesson. Aside from being naturally lazy, I am also easily distracted so this keeps me on track. With the new drive, I am now actually getting excited because I can see my website developing and I am getting that much closer to being in a position to help others do this as well. The World is changing so much and I don’t want to miss the waves and I want to take my family along for the ride and anyone else that wants to come. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel the I’m almost waving goodbye to the millions who yawn their way to work everyday stuck in traffic! I’m excited rather than overwhelmed.

There are plenty of Wealthy Affiliate Reviews online because it is a great platform and community but hopefully, these posts will reach someone else that is in the same boat and wanting to make their way online.