Little known ways to make money online with Wealthy Affiliate – Review

Product Review for Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has come a long way.

Seriously! Wealthy Affiliate has come a long way since I first joined in 2009. I can’t say as I have taken the maximum benefit out of Weathy Affiliate because I am still doing the baby steps because like most people – I have let life get in the way of serious online earning potential. This is in no way a fault with the platform.

Because I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for so long, I have seen many changes and vast improvements on an already excellent membership site. In the early days, I really struggled because there was still quite a bit of the technical background stuff to do to get your website up and running. That is no longer the case. Kyle and Carson (Site owners) have worked and continue to work diligently on behalf of members to continuously improve the platform to make it easier for members to start making money online.

Finally, Wealthy Affiliate supports and encourages Ambassadors. Ambassadors are ‘helpers’. People that are honestly there to support and help with any questions you may have or support that you need. It is excellent attribute of Wealthy Affiliate and is well incentivised by Kyle and Carson.

How can you earn with Wealthy Affiliate?

  • There are so many ways:
  • Take your passion and turn it into a profitable website
  • Become an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate
  • Become an affiliate of any product you want
  • Earn points within Wealthy Affiliate
  • Learn how to create your own Product

Support, support and more support at Wealthy Affiliate.

One of the many things that I like about Wealthy Affiliate is the amount of support available. Apart from the personal mentoring of the other more experienced members of the site, Kyle and Carson are personally invested in providing personal mentoring and ongoing support to all members. They are frankly awesome.

Over the years of looking for ways to make money online, I can not think of one platform that truly matches Wealthy Affiliate in terms of the sense of Community. I know that there are a lot of Communities online (and I have certainly not experienced them all by any stretch of the imagination) but at Wealthy Affiliate, there is a well balanced and supportive community that sincerely wants to see everyone succeed. It is certainly something that I rank for this platform.

How does Wealthy Affiliate compare?

As I said above, over the past 9 years I have looked for other comparison sites and not really found any like it but for this review I had another look. What I found was countless complaints about other sites and this quote from a report done on that is talking about a training platform called e-com solutions. 

“I spent well over $10,000 to Jason only to be part of his fraud and scam.  Jason is making so much money from innocent individuals wanting to learn how to succeed in this business.

He refuses to refund any of my money I paid him.”

Wealthy Affiliate is nothing like this. Firstly, you get to try it our for yourself and then very easily cancel at any time after that. This is such a low risk for anyone wanting to start an online business! From my point of view and experience, being able to try before you buy is testimony to the fact that the owners of that platform stand by their work.

This is another one that jumped out at me from

“Please be aware that TheFunnelApprentice (thefunnelapprentice dot com) is a scam run by German Serial Internet Marketing Scammer Christian Gasper (Deutschland) who used a faked photo of a person called “John Malcolm” on his website.

Christian Gasper Deutschland has been scamming hundreds of people thousands of dollars each online since July 2016. Till today, he remains unrepentent and is still using his old email marketing tricks to milk the money out of his email subscribers.

Background: I was scammed USD $2997 by “Allen Martin” in August 2016. He sent out 30 – 40 emails to me introducing his Done For You (DFY) Affiliate Business and CPA (Cost Per Action) Business which guarantees $200/day and $100/day on autopilot respectively. [continued below]….”

I am not trying to be negative but there are many members (including me) that have been through this and paid to learn from scammers. It pays to do your homework.

Stop going around in circles. Wealthy Affiliate can help.

Do the Work

Wealthy Affiliate keeps you focused but you have to do the work. It’s much easier with step by step guides.

There are many opportunities for training at Wealthy Affiliate and they really help you to stay on track. In one of the many step by step Training Courses on the site, you take action steps at the end of each module and end up with a fully functional, content rich website that can start earning you money very quickly.

One of the main step by step training classes is called Affiliate Bootcamp. I love this because I have a tendency to be easily distracted. The format of the Course keeps me on track and I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Not only do you have a fully supported, hosted and professional website – you also fully understand how affiliate marketing can play a huge role in your online earning potential.

If at any time you are unsure of a certain part of the step by step training, there are always the Weekly Live Classes with 100’s of hours of replays available to turn to.

If you’re not technical – Don’t worry. Wealthy Affiliate can help there too.

Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy to get your website up and going without any of that technical stuff! The website I am working on now was bare bones in less than 30 seconds because of all of the awesome programmes available at Wealthy Affiliate. They are accessible and easy to use. You will get help to:

  • Build Website
  • Get Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Analyse your websites performance with SiteRubix
  • Format your Website Engagement Platform through SiteComments
  • Have a fully Hosted Platform managed through Wealthy affiliate
  • Utilise the SiteContent Writing Platform
  • Perform multiple Keyword Research with the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

This is not the most comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate but it is written from my experience of it. There are other similar platforms online but my experience of Wealthy Affiliate has and continues to be very useful in progressing an online business.

You can get started with a risk free trial right now.

10 thoughts on “Little known ways to make money online with Wealthy Affiliate – Review”

  1. You have brought out the good, bad and ugly of affiliate making,  It was good to see your high regards for WA, as I am also developing my website/business here. I liked your description on the opportunities and comprehensive training for creating a successful business here with WA. I would hope you would fine the training easy for anyone willing to apply a reasonable amount of effort.

    1. So true! It does take effort to get through all of the training at Wealthy Affiliate but it’s so worth it, as I am sure you are aware.

      I hope your business is going well!

      Thanks for the comments.

  2. You see, this is something i love to preach on a regular about how more people need to learn about wealthy affiliate and not give their money out to scammers. When i was about to join myself, i felt it was a scam because there is hardly any negative review on the platform online. Having joined, i have learnt a host of things and i cant less happy that i came across it when searching for nothing online. Nice post.

    1. Hi Henderson,

      This is so true! I will tell anyone who will listen how awesome Wealthy Affiliate is – especially because I lost money to useless products! It’s a very interesting point you make about the fact that you thought it was a scam because there were no bad reviews. I hadn’t even thought about it like that.

      Thanks for the comments and feedback.


  3. People get scammed everyday, people are getting scammed right now and this is because they are not doing the right research or looking for the correct platform for them to make money from. There are so many questions to be asked but one answer to all this questions is that wealthy affiliate is legit and making money is real. There are loads of testimonials of how people are really making money on it. It is rated highly which makes it different. Joining has been the best decision that I have made so far and I am proud of it. Your post is cool on wealthy affiliate. Cheers!

    1. Hi John,

      Awesome comments. Glad you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate. I agree that one of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is that it is legitimate with awesome resources to help you make money online.

      Glad you liked the post!

      Have a good day.


  4. Like you just clarified, making money online could not be at a more easier advantage than how wealthy affiliate has presented it. It is really not too difficult if it is done in the right way.  Getting started with wealthy affiliate is the only guarantee towards ensuring a more closer approach to hitting the right spot. This is really great and I look forward to sharing this out to more people. Wealthy Affiliate is worth it

    1. Hi Rodarrick,

      Thanks so much for your comments. Wealthy Affiliate really is the best place to be to learn everything there is to know about growing an online business.

      Thanks for sharing and endorsing Wealthy Affiliate.

      Have a great day.


  5. I enjoyed your style of review because you did it from your own experience of this digital product. I like your couple of references to the scam products out there that are stealing from many people. 

    Your specific emphasis on the try-it-before-you-buy feature of Wealthy Affiliate is my major takeaway from your beautiful product review. 

    I also completely agree with you that even people who do not have a very technical educational background can also get their website up and running in 30 seconds. 

    I love your post and will share it now.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks so much for your comments. I am really glad that you liked the post.

      As for the scam thing, it was an emphasis because it really makes me mad that it happens! Especially because I have been there myself many times!

      Plus, I’m really not technical so if I can do it, anyone can!

      Have a great day.

      Thanks again.


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