Build Your Own Website

It’s never been easier to build your own website. Watch Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate build a Wordpress site in 30 seconds.

Building a free website has never been easier than it is now and Wealthy Affiliate makes it just a little easier. When I first started out researching the opportunities of affiliate marketing, building a website was near on impossible for a beginner. I’m the sort of person who knows how to drive a car but doesn’t need to know the mechanics of how they work. I’m pleased to say that now, I can be that way about websites as well. No more trying to figure out code or how to link auto responder – or worse still, accidentally changing the wrong bit of code and seeing your whole website collapse or disappear altogether. Fond memories. Not!

I know it seems like I keep banging on about Wealthy Affiliate but I can honestly say that I have not come across another training platform like this one that makes getting set up so easy. As promised, I will never promote or endorse a product or service that I haven’t personally tried and found to be excellent.

Proof! Building Your Own Website in 30 Seconds.

To prove that I am not just being a salesperson (there are affiliate links on this page), I have included this video that Kyle put together to show just how easy it is to build your own website.

This is one of the “Getting Started” videos that most beginners find super helpful. There are 13 classrooms at WA which makes it so easy to find a video from one of the experts to help you with virtually any issue you may have.

My Mission

At work, I have steered away from using the words “Mission Statement” or talking about our Cultural mission. Too many people nowadays will groan and roll their eyes because the corporate world has misused mission statements and rotated them as and when trends in the market changed or someone told them some new catch phrases. I know that sounds cynical but I have seen it all too often.

So, let me explain why I am using it now. I have sat in traffic, worked with unpleasant people, managed overpaid bosses and generally been unhappy in roles – just to keep the bills paid. I am a firm believer that this is the old way of thinking. That all of these “Brules” (Bullshit rules) as Vishen Lakhiani terms it are meant to keep us stuck doing the same old same old. This is especially true of my generation – ie: to get ahead, you have to have a job working a 40 hour working week. Selling your life hours to make someone else rich.

Therefore, it is my mission to help as many people (including myself) get off the mouse wheel and start living life they way they truly want and came here to do.

if this appeals to you, then there has never been a better time to get started than now. All you have to do is click any link on this page and sign up for a month of Wealthy Affiliate for free. If you don’t love it or get a huge amount of information from it, feel free to come back here and leave me a comment.

I am here to help and I thoroughly believe that Wealthy Affiliate is your best hope of getting on your way.