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Loving the Wealthy Affiliate Platform!

When I first started out on my online business journey, I was completely overwhelmed with the technical detail of building a website. I had no clue and it was back in the day where there wasn’t a resource to help either. To resolve all the glitches or issues that cropped up as you tried to build your website was a days research and you would still be lucky to fix it.

Today I started building a website with one of my pre-purchased domains and thought I would screenshot it here to show how easy it is to do. It literally only took me about half an hour to get the bare bones and that was only because I was doing screenshots with paint so there would be some pictures.

Building a site with Site Builder

Within Wealthy Affiliate, there is a dashboard that shows all of the various and many services available to you. One of those is the Site Manager which shows you all of your websites, saves your passwords and user names and gives you the login access to the backend of your site.

Step 1 – Access the Dashboard

When in the Site Manager, you will see the dashboard

Wealthy Affiliate Site Builder Dashboard

Once you have accessed the dashboard in Wealthy Affiliate, it is easy to see what to do next. This is the website that I have pre-purchased the domain for.

Step 2  & 3 – Domain Name

This step gives you the option to either use a free domain, pick one that you own or create a new one. It is easy to register your domain through Wealthy Affiliate and it saves having to transfer your domain over to WA at a later date – which can sometimes be a bit technical and can involve hassles you don’t need. Plus, Wealthy Affiliate hosts a number of domains for Premium Members and I find it more convenient to have all of my domains in one place.

Choose Your Domain Option

If you don’t want to purchase a domain just yet, you can get a free domain with Site Rubix which is equally as easy to do but you won’t have the .com website name.

Insert Website NameAll you have to do in this step is to input your domain name and then in Step 3, enter the full name of the site. ie:

Step 4 – Pick Your Theme

This is the fun bit and where you can be a bit creative. Wealthy Affiliate has over 3,000 themes to pick from and you will be able to find a theme that suits your business – easily. Don’t worry too much though because you can change your theme at any stage later on in the process or when you are building your site.

Pick Your Theme

I prefer sites with a nice white background because they look a bit cleaner but obviously, that is entirely a matter of personal choice. It is easy to customise any theme later as well so don’t spend too long on this step.

All of the Wealthy Affiliate websites some pre-installed with some awesome extras.

  1. Pre-installed Plugins to optimise your site
  2. SiteSpeed – to help your site get better rankings, experience and 100% better experience for your visitors.
  3. SiteSSL – Over 225-bit Encrypted Connections. Encryption is a favoured search engine and keeps visitors data safe.
  4. Site Protect (Spam Blocker) – Excludes SPAM before it even hits your site.

As part of the Site Rubix Hosting services, you also get:

  • 25 Free Domains
  • Instant DNS set up (which is awesome because this used to be a nightmare to work through)
  • Faster Hosting Speed
  • 30GB Website Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Site Builder
  • Enterprise Security
  • Daily Website Backups
  • 24/7 Access to Server Admins
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • SiteHealth Checks (this is great because it gives you the kick that you need to develop your site – I don’t like to see the tag “Needs Work”)
  • Site Comments
  • Website Feedback
  • Community Access – This really can’t be understated. The Community is excellent.

There is much more detailed training and support at Wealthy Affiliate but this gives you the general overview and shows you how easy it is to get your initial website set up.

In the next post, I will demonstrate how to set up the back end of your site through WordPress.


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