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I am very happy to be here doing this. My whole life I have wanted to write for a living.  But, I have (up until now) allowed life to get in the way.

I have a lovely family that sometimes drives me crazy but I adore at the same time. I have four cats and now (as of yesterday) four dogs under our roof. No, I am not crazy! My foster pets just seem to end up staying and I have passed my love of animals onto one of my daughters that seems to attract new animals like a magnet.

I live in New Zealand and work full time as a contractor fixing leaking buildings in schools. I don’t hate my job but it is not my passion and certainly not what I came here to do for my life purpose.

There is more to life than trading life hours for someone else’s profit in a 9-5 job. We all came here to fulfil our own higher purpose. I firmly believe that my purpose in life is to be happy, fulfilled and prosperous so I can give back to those I love, anyone in need and the planet.

With the internet, I have been overwhelmed more times than I can remember with all of the different avenues or actions a person can take to reach a higher level of consciousness, find peace and live a better life. There is just too much information!

Me at Scarborough Beach, Perth with the family.
Me at Scarborough Beach, Perth with the family.

I used to believe that I wasn’t passionate about anything. After buying more courses than I could potentially do in a couple of lifetimes, I now realise that I am almost interested in everything. Especially everything spiritual. I am on a mission to reach my highest and best potential. A limitless life.

Now I am laser focused. No more mediocre. No more floundering around working at a job that is just that. A J.O.B which really means Just Over Broke. It’s time to manifest the abundance I know we all have at our fingertips to experience.

I’m on a mission and want to help everyone that feels like this. People that feel stuck or feel too bogged down in the real to move forward. I’ve been there. Now I am fully committed to changing my life. One small routine at a time.

I believe we limit ourselves through what we have been taught and society itself.

It is my hope that my content will help at least one other person start their journey to personal freedom.



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