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100% Kiwi

As the heading says, I am 100% through and through what we New Zealanders call a Kiwi (one of our favourite native birds). I was born and raised in New Zealand but spent 14 years in Australia where my daughter was born. I have a lovely partner, two daughters, three dogs and four cats. No, I’m not crazy. I just fall for my fosters and they end up staying.

Like most on the planet, I have spent my life working in okay jobs (Just Over Broke) controlled by some good but some not so good bosses. I have liked most of my jobs but always knew that I was here for something more than the daily grind!

It’s a calling

I firmly believe that we all have the potential to do what we love. In fact, we should be. The planet would be a much better place if we all spent the majority of our time doing what we love most with the people and things that we love the most.

My goal in life (now) is to help as many people as possible follow their true purpose as possible. There’s no more TV for me (well maybe a little – I love Netflix)! I am now 100% focused on helping and spreading the word that there is a much better experience here than the realities most of us are currently living.

What’s the point?

I know that I am not the only person that has felt stuck or read the secret and expected everything to manifest like the book says and then felt like this manifesting stuff was all just for other people. It’s time to manifest!

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